PRADEO Partner


PRADEO specialized in the mobile applications’ automated security audit and developed its patented engine – Trust Revealing™ – ensuring the compliance of all mobile applications (Android, iOS and Windows public & business apps) with any company’s security policy.

This technology, combined with Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Information Management (MIM) functionalities allows businesses to fully control their large mobile apps fleet.

Objectives :

-To provide Businesses with the ability to easily and effectively manage the security of their mobile devices and mobile applications.
-To provide Mobile Device Manufacturers and Telecom Operators with the ability to design their own security offer for their own clients.
-To provide Editors of critical mobile applications with the ability to secure their execution (e.g., payment apps, healthcare apps etc.)
-To provide Mobile App Stores, Security Consultants, App Developers/Publishers and Businesses with the ability to audit their mobile apps

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