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CS, a trusted company, secures information systems

CS has had the dual experience, on the one hand of developing security components and solutions, and on the other hand, of managing several e-administration and e-transaction projects. Moreover, backed by its expertise in cryptography and public-key infrastructures, CS offers a complete range of security applications: encryption and implementation in networking equipment, identification and validation, non-reversible transactions, data and interchange confidentiality, secured application flows, and rights management & attribution.

The purpose of the CS-CERT is, first, to provide vulnerability analysis, patch management and other proactive mesures to exixting projects developped by CS, and second, to assist CS projects and services in responding to security incidents when they occur.
ALL incoming information related to incidents is handled confidentially by CS-CERT, regardless of its priority.
CS, prime contractor for Defense and Security programs

Faced with growing risks and the rise of new threats (terrorism, organized crime, cyber criminality, etc.), it has become imperative to put into place solutions that meet the needs of domestic security and abroad. in that context, anticipation, operations command and control capabilities, resources for the protection of critical information as well as systems interoperability constitute strategic advantages for governments and companies.

CS masters the fundamentals for deploying command and control information systems, implementing open, interoperable and upgradable solutions, aligned as closely as possible with operational needs.

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